Get Out the Vote?…Why?…


Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father, penned, “We may have to start a bloody Revolution every decade to preserve our freedom“. How wise he was to understand that any entity, government or private, eventually takes on a life of its own. Government now exists, not for and by the people, but for and by the government. It exists just because it is. Like any organism, it enlists self-preservation tactics.

Over the years, I have been a fairly faithful voter. I have concluded, at least for this election cycle, that I may not perpetuate the life of our Federal Government with my vote. I may only vote for State and Local Government offices. Many will tell me, “If ya’ don’t vote, ya’ have no right to complain!” When did we change the Constitution to exclude complaining about government. The Constitution says that my right to free speech shall not be abridged! There is no voting requirement to earn free speech! Many will tell me that most of our problems are due to voter apathy. I maintain that most of our problems are due to voter ignorance, not apathy. We keep electing the same tired people, most of them attorneys, with the same tired ideas. We keep electing lawyers, and complain that our system is too complex for the common man. Duh!! We keep believing promises of fixes. Yeah, we often find ourselves in a “fix”.

What if they held an election and NOBODY voted! This is my idea of a new “American Revolution”. A good silent message!

Tom and LaVerna Vickers