Been Googled? Mmmmmm…


If you Google yourself (in private, please), will you go blind? If two or more consenting adults want to Google, its OK by me, but I have some questions:
Is it OK to Google outside your relationship?
Is same-sex Googling grounds for a Military discharge?
If you Google outside your species, are you a pervert?
Is it acceptable to Google inanimate objects?
Is it legal to Google an underage person?
Will you be arrested if you Google in public?
If you Google a family member, will your next computer be defective?
Does Googling on an airplane qualify you for the “Mile High” club?
Do the laws for Googling differ from state to state?
Can you Google “Live College Girls”?
Does Viagra enhance Googling or, must you use a dictionary?
Are there Google “toys”?’
Can you Google “Exotic Foreign Women”?
If you Google a stranger, must you wear latex gloves?

Like I said, I’m OK with consenting adults Googling. Google all you want but, I’m not cleaning up the mess! I was going to Google Stella, a woman I know, but she has a headache!

Be careful if you’re ever Yahoo’d. I was on antibiotics for a month!

Tom and LaVerna Vickers