Terror Threat Redhead–A Repise…


OK, OK, this is a repeat entry, but you’ll see the thread in our next posting (Explosive Romance or Get bombed at Cactus Joe’s).

Lorraine, an old friend, is the mother of a basketball team of boys. The second to the youngest is a very amicable soul, always willing to help a friend, or stranger, in need.

One evening, Lorraine’s son was on his way home and met a travelling foreigner in distress. Being as kind as he was, he asked the young man if he’d like to come home for a home cooked meal and a warm bed to sleep in. The two showed up on Lorraine’s doorstep and, of course, she brought them in, her son and the stranger, and set to cooking a feast fit for an Appalachian king.

The young travelling man stayed with Lorraine for several days, if I recall the story correctly. After some time, he informed Lorraine that he needed to go back home over seas, but could he leave a few things with her so he wouldn’t have to carry it on the airplane.

Off he went leaving a suitcase behind.

Some time later, Lorraine was visited by employees of a government agency (with an “I” in it). Apparently, her house guest was wanted as a terrorist suspect. Now this was before 9-11-01, so although terrorism was taken very seriously, it wasn’t the panic situation it might be today.

Lorraine’s ex-husband made a few calls and found out that the agency folks had already investigated Lorraine and her family. They were considered no threat to the nation, although in their naivete, were perhaps a threat to themselves.

Retrieving the suitcase the young travelling man (terrorist) had left behind, it was reported by Lorraine to be filled with maps of various United States targets.

Not to worry, the government had the suitcase, the man did not return from overseas to Lorraine’s home, and with a bomb harboring red head (the WWII bomb was still sitting peacefully in the basement at the time of this saga) at the helm, our nation was safe.

Let’s just hope Lorraine and her son don’t end up in charge of any nation’s homeland security. Although her homemade buttermilk biscuits might be good enough to bring about World Peace. But that’s another story…

LaVerna and Tom Vickers