Oops, Pirates Captured in Nettie, WV Aren’t Somalis…


Yes, we at TV’s Weblog try to honor journalistic integrity. We will print a retraction when necessary.

Monday, we reported that Somalian Pirates had been captured on Summersville Lake near the idyllic town of Nettie, WV. It was a big mistake. The pirate captured was none other than Donald Trump. “Hell, I thought it was one of them there Somalians,” said Billy Bob Armyboot. “I reckin’ it was just that there foreign accent he was a’usin’.”

Donald Trump pleaded not guilty of piracy when he appeared before the Justice of the Peace today. “I was just trying to find out what kind of bait he was using,” Trump said. “I think the locals are just jealous of my vacation home here in Nettie.”

The Justice of the Peace cleared Trump of the piracy charge, but did fine him $25.00 for having raccoon skins out of season.

All of Nettie, WV can now sigh a breath of relief now that the piracy issue has been settled.

Tom Vickers and LaVerna Huey