Love Monger Ministries–Alien Contact Finally Acknowledged…


It is our great, perhaps greatest pleasure, to be able to write about the first acknowledged alien contact.

My cousin did some time as an intern at the NRAO (National Radio Astronomy Observatory) Green Bank, also know as the Green Bank Telescope (GBT).  Since then, he has kept in touch and even occasionally sends us gorgeous pictures and information.

A few years ago, the GBT received some fascitating signals.  They were too regular to be random space “noise”, but no one could decipher anything from them, so they were not considered terribly important.

Recently, the first deaf graduate student started her internship at GBT.  As has been the custom  for each new intern group, the signals were  re-presented to this intern group in the hopes that new minds would bring new ideas and insights for the information.

The young woman, a graduate of Romney School For The Deaf, was reported to not have slept for two nights.  She said she thought and thought about the signals and it finally came to her–what if  source of the signals didn’t communicate like hearing people did, in symbols, but more like the deaf?  American Sign Language (ASL) is a conceptual language.  Maybe those who sent the signal thought in concepts, not symbols.

My cousin said the deaf girl is fluent in English and speech, but grew up in a deaf family and ASL is her primary language.  She can communicate with hearing people really well, and can even read lips, but she signs when talking with her interpreter.

Anyway, this young woman approached the signal conceptually and thinks she may have figured it out.  She took the basic signal and created an interpretation of it and has sent a signal back to the source.  The other day a signal came back and the last we heard from my cousin, they have a whole team of people working on it.  The girl who started it all has an indefinite stay at Green Bank to keep working on it as well as linguists, scientists, mathematicians, and her fiance who is also deaf and an expert in communications.

My cousin is trying to get Tom and I up to Green Bank to see all this for ourselves.  He said he couldn’t promise anything because they are all crazy busy interpreting the return signal, but he said he had a few friends still on the staff there and would definitely try.   I’d love to meet the woman and her fiance and use my Sign Language to tell them how amazing they are for figuring all this out.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Tommy, my cousin, said that Green Bank was preparing a press release but was being very selective on who would get the release and when so the media wouldn’t make a circus of this.  Tommy said that the whole team at GBT wasn’t very trusting of the media.

We’ll try to keep you posted as we hear more and especially if we get to go to Green Bank.  It’s only a few hour drive and it would be so wonderful to be one of the first to see what the return signal says.

LaVerna and Tom Vickers