Obama vs. “Coonskin” Keith Judd. Ah, Now Its Clear…


I can still vividly remember election days from my youth. The polls were at the Decota (WV) Elementary School, and we kids were forbidden to go anywhere near there on Election Day. The playground, gym and the baseball fields were adjacent to the school, and it engendered a little resentment among we children that on a school holiday we were not allowed access to our play sites.

The reason for sequestering us from the school was alcohol. Pints of Old Crow Whiskey, cases of Stroh’s Bohemian Style Beer and fruit jars full of “who-hit-John” flowed like Niagara Falls, with many of the consequences that excessive alcohol gives birth to. I think its safe to say that any number of elections turned on who could provide the most booze.

Well, as it turns out, “Coonskin” Keith Judd, a member of the Federation of Superheros and a Christian Rastafarian, is also a manufacturer of Toilet Wine. He makes “prison alcohol”, and by all reports, “good stuff”. He knows how to campaign in the Mountain State.

Tom and LaVerna VickersĀ