Warmed-over Felons, Obama vs. “Coonskin” Keith Judd…


Yes, the Primary votes are counted here in West Virginia, and President Obama eked out a victory over Texas inmate,”Coonskin” Keith Judd. Judd, serving a 17.5 year sentence for extortion, garnered 41% of the vote which under W.V. law gives him control over a certain number of delegates.

While many of you outside the state may be confused by this outcome, we Mountaineers are not. We are a very practical lot and decided to bypass the courts and cast our votes for an already convicted felon. If you look back through recent history, this makes sense. Nixon and Watergate, Carter with the Hostage Crisis, Reagan/Bush and Iran-Contra, Clinton with Monica Gate and “W” with torture issues. Since we’re already electing criminals to office, let us at least be upfront about it.¬†

Besides, if the extortion laws were enforced vigorously, nearly all of Congress would be dining with “Coonskin” Keith Judd on a daily basis.

Tom and LaVerna Vickers