Somalian “Inner Tube” Navy…


Wow, Somalian pirates must be trembling in their sandals. According to BBC they have just organized their first Navy:

World’s Toughest Job: Farah Ahmed Omar was appointed recently as chief of Somalia’s navy, which ordinarily would be on the front lines against the throng of pirates operating off the country’s coast. Omar’s job is difficult, though, because the Somalian navy has not a single boat nor a single sailor, and Omar himself has not been to sea in 23 years. However, he told a reporter he was optimistic that the piracy could be stopped. [BBC News, 6-16-09]

Now I’m no military expert, but it would seem prudent for a Navy to have ships and sailors. Since it seems important that the piracy off the Horn of Africa be stopped, I have a suggestion: Let Americans donate all of our old inner tubes to create a Somalian flotilla. It would save landfill space while fighting High Seas terrorism.

Tom and LaVerna Vickers