Humped-back, Crooked Letter, Paste & Crayons…



I’m amazed at the technological skill of youngsters these days. I sat and watched a 4-year-old decipher an I-Phone the other evening and I can barely answer the darn thing. When I was four, I was still eating paste and crayons. Teenagers can walk and text at the same time. When a teen, I had to exercise caution with chewing gum. However, can these folks read and write?

Have you ever tried to decipher a Teen’s text? It’s not English it’s hieroglyphics. Will the next great American novel be written in teen-text? S’up Mby Dk, WTF, LOL (What is up Moby Dick, Huh? Funny, Dude!). Anyway, who is going to write the next spell-check program?

Worry no more, Gentle Readers. Mississippi is taking the lead and assuring that it’s population is literate. Just look at the stellar spelling in the above headline.

S’up ya’ll’

Tom and LaVerna Vickers