Emotional Incontinence…


TV’s Weblog is not, nor ever has been, a vehicle or for political dialogue or a platform for the author’s beliefs. It’s sole purpose has been to elicit smiles, chuckles and guffaws, so to write about the 2nd Amendment is a departure for us.

We don’t have an answer for the gun violence that has plagued our society, but gun deaths are projected to outnumber auto deaths in 2013. To be sure, most of these occur in the inner cities and along the Mexican border and don’t affect most of us, but fellow Americans are dying nonetheless. Any needless death diminishes all of us.

We realize that we lack the wisdom the solve a problem with so many faces: mental health, background checks, substance abuse, gun show loopholes, 30-clip magazines, parental training and Constitutional Rights. Do we not, however, believe that as a society we can at least talk about these issues without throwing “hissy-fits”? Justice Scalia has assured us that our right to own guns is inviolate and will not be abridged, so perhaps we can turn down the conversational heat and seek some conversational light. As a gun owner, nay, a gun lover, I’m grateful. But, can’t we at least talk about solutions that incorporate the preservation of Constitutional Rights and privacy?

Probably not. We will continue peeing our pants and convince ourselves it’s raining and that’s why we’re wet. Emotional incontinence will continue to rule.

Tom and LaVerna Vickers