Love Monger Ministries–In This Moment…


A wise man was once asked, “What is the most important moment in a person’s life?” He answered, “The present moment, because you are master of your life only in the present!” St. Francis of Assisi tells us that our actions in this particular moment belong to us. What will become of them belongs to God.

The Talmud says, “You are a day laborer. You should work every day, and be paid every day.”

Obviously, I must plan for the future. That’s why I have a refrigerator. I don’t want to spend a part of every day at the grocery store. Obviously, I must deal with the past. That’s why I have voice mail. But, the amount of time I have wasted on the past and the future staggers me. These are moments forever lost. Children are masters of “the moment”. They, like dogs, live only for the here and now.

If I take stock of this very moment in time, I have everything I need. Apparently, I always have, else, I wouldn’t be here.

My well-spent moments today are my happy yesterdays and happy tomorrows!

Tom and LaVerna Vickers